8 Days without Wifi

I have somehow just managed to spend eight days without wifi while trekking in Nepal and although it was very stressful at first, I found it quite beneficial. I am the sort of person who spends their life on the internet. My job is online, all my notes for my degree and research is online.…

Why I Travel

I am currently on day 2 of a trip to Nepal and I wrote this at the airport. I think I overthink quite a bit so naturally when I was at the airport, I was thinking a lot about motivations for spending most of my savings on a trip to Nepal. I think with big…

Balkans Roadtrip

I’ve just got home from a roadtrip across the Balkans with my two high school friends. We booked our flight to Budapest back in December so for a long time the trip was simply referred to as Budapest 2022. Then we went on a trip to Dublin at Easter and gained a trip mascot – Kevin…

Social hangover

The main issue I had with socialising was the overthinking that comes from it. I would always feel anxious that I’d said or done something wrong. As an autistic person, there’s this constant feeling of guilt that you’ve done something wrong.

What would I be, without my autism?

The more and more I learn, the more and more I get these realisations of ‘ohhh, that’s why I’m like that/ behave that way’. And then on the converse, the more I think ‘wait a minute, is my ENTIRE personality and identity autism?’.

Small talk

Why is smalltalk so hard for autistic people and how can we get better at it?


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