Why I Travel

I am currently on day 2 of a trip to Nepal and I wrote this at the airport. I think I overthink quite a bit so naturally when I was at the airport, I was thinking a lot about motivations for spending most of my savings on a trip to Nepal. I think with big trips away, you’ve got to be able to justify why you are going.

I think for me, travelling is something that I have an affinity for. Its the type of unexpected that I like. I think one of my stress responses is to just keep moving around and changing where I am. I can never stay in the same place for too long. I don’t feel like I need a ‘home’ because my home is in my head and having the basic necessities.

I think as humans, it is quite natural to travel around. As hunter gatherers, we would be constantly moving around in our small civilisations – to escape threat etc. Therefore, I think it makes sense that I would want to travel so much. I look forward to travelling and I really enjoy planning it.

For me, hope is intrinsic to travel seeing as it requires you to have faith in going away to somewhere different. There’s very little else that we do that is similar or that we seek in it’s uncertainty. Who in their right mind would get in a metal box full of other humans, confined to a small space and bound for the sky? Or where you don’t speak the language? Or that cost a lot of money? It doesn’t appear to be a very rational thing to do. Yet anticipation of trips is something that really makes me happy.

Travel is very unique. It educates you in a way that other things can’t. The information fed to us by the media can give us a filtered way of viewing the world and other cultures, meaning we develop restricted views about other countries. This makes travel a very eye opening experience and teaches us to have open minds. We can break down stereotypes and develop alternative views of people and culture. Through learning about the values in other cultures, we are taught about the many ways we can live our lives – not just what we are told growing up. We can be led to believe that the way of life in our own country is THE only way to live and that our values are the only ones that matter – some might even be led to believe that it’s the only correct way of living. Travel allows you to see that there are billions of other people in the world and you’re not the centre of everything. Additionally, going to a different culture allows you to share your value, even if they have never been to your country. For me, travelling allows me to be an outsider, but in a good way – not like at home.

I am not saying that travel makes you a better person, it just one way to have an eye opening experience. I am lucky enough to be able to work alongside my studies and therefore afford to go away.

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